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WebGUI is a constantly growing product. Our vision is to have every feature that anybody could ever want, but it takes time and money to get there.

We have a whole list of features we're working on. If your feature isn't on the list, you can add it for free, but we make no guarantees about when a feature will be implemented. If you want to get a feature you need moved to the very top of the priority list, you can fund its development. The cost of each feature varies based upon complexity and unfinished dependencies. Contact us to get a quote for the feature you'd like to fund. The quote is free and puts you under no obligation to fund the feature.

After you've funded a feature, it will be moved to the top of our priority list. It will be put into a beta release as quickly as possible. After it's been tested it will be released in the very first possible stable release of WebGUI.

Funding a feature not only gets you the feature you need faster, but allows you to contribute much needed funding to the open source project from which you derive so much value. WebGUI needs the support of users like you. Consider funding a feature today.

Tip: In some cases, there are other members of the WebGUI community who want the feature just as badly as you do. Feel free to put resources together with other users so that you can jointly fund a feature.