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Web Development Portfolio

Here's just a small sample of the 100+ custom applications we've developed for our clients.

Vacation Calendar

This client needed a way to keep track of holiday/vacation and sick leave for its many employees all over the world.

We built an application to allow holiday/vacation and sick leave to easily be requested by employees.  Integrated with LDAP, this tool automatically forwards requests to managers and HR for approval.  A calendar view is used to display approved holiday/vacation requests globally.  A reporting tool for managers and the HR department tracks the number of hours employees spend absent from work.  Additionally, the application is integrated with MS Outlook allowing employees to request absences from their outlook clients and to synchronize their requests with their outlook calendars.

Credit/Return Forms Manager

This client needed a way to manage credit and return forms on their site.

Clock Wall

This client has facilities in various locations and needed a way to easily remind everyone on their staff what time it was in each location. We built this macro for them to accomplish that goal. The macro automatically adjusts itself for daylight saving time according to the local rules in each location.

File System Manager

This client provides intranet services to their clients, and as part of that service their clients can upload files to a central repository. They have an NFS interface which can be used to browse/upload/delete files when connected to the VPN, but they also wanted a more simplified web-based interface.

Their NFS privileges and authentication are tied into LDAP, so we also made this application tied in. It checks LDAP privileges and also the filesystem privileges to determine whether a user has read, write, or both for the files and folders in the system.

Custom Event Registration

We built this client a custom multi-stage authentication system for WebGUI. The first stage requires that they enter a password. This password was given to them via a mailed invitation, or by their membership in some organization that was invited to the event. Entering the password confirms their registration. At that point they are allowed to browse the event details and/or fill out a form to confirm their contact information.

If they choose to confirm their contact information a form is displayed, which is prepopulated with anything we know about that person based upon their password. After they've confirmed their contact information they won't see this form again until they register for another event. Also confirming their contact information updates a sales contact database and electronically enters them in a drawing to win a prize at the live event.

In/Out Board

Mabis Healthcare needed a way to keep track of who was in or out of the office. They decided they'd like to post that to their intranet, and so they contacted Plain Black to build them a simple application.

Directory Manager

This client has several thousand employees and wanted to use an LDAP directory to store the information about all of those people. They wanted a way for users to be able to easily search the data, update their own records, and for HR and IT to be able to add/modify/delete employees as necessary. We built this wobject which ties directly into an LDAP server.

Please note that we have blurred the information for each user to protect their privacy.

Sarbanes-Oxley Process Request Tracker

This client, like all other publicly traded companies, needed to comply with the law set forth by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. We built an application to cover a small portion of tracking required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.