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Custom Event Registration

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Custom Event Registration · By: kristi

We built this client a custom multi-stage authentication system for WebGUI. The first stage requires that they enter a password. This password was given to them via a mailed invitation, or by their membership in some organization that was invited to the event. Entering the password confirms their registration. At that point they are allowed to browse the event details and/or fill out a form to confirm their contact information.

If they choose to confirm their contact information a form is displayed, which is prepopulated with anything we know about that person based upon their password. After they've confirmed their contact information they won't see this form again until they register for another event. Also confirming their contact information updates a sales contact database and electronically enters them in a drawing to win a prize at the live event.

Custom Event Registration

This client has events that they sponsor. They needed a way to do event registration and confirmation.

Uploaded on 10/28/2008