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Brunswick New Technologies

The Company

Brunswick New Technologies, headquartered in Lake Forest, IL, is a leader in manufacturing and marketing recreational marine vehicle and navigation products, including Navman, Northstar, IDS, and MX Marine. With 800 employees utilizing its Intranet, Brunswick New Technologies relies upon WebGUI and Plain Black for its daily business operations.


“Over 95% of Brunswick's employees use WebGUI on a monthly basis.”

Search for a Solution

Jay Bahel, former CIO of Brunswick New Technologies, has been using WebGUI in his unit for the past four years. When searching for a content management system, Jay knew that flexibility and adaptability were key factors. They were searching for a product that could keep up to their global community’s constant growth and evolution. WebGUI has been able to adapt and rise to that task in every way.

“WebGUI is firmly embedded in the business process.”


On a daily basis, at least half of the company’s 800 employees utilize the site’s 30 applications, with nearly 95% of the employees making use of it each month. Particularly useful are the workflow and database functions, as well as the general ease of use WebGUI offers. The Intranet is used for virtually all communication needs within the organization including employee contacts, time zone applications, tuition reimbursements, leave request systems, employee notifications, human resource applications and general content management. According to Jay Bahel, “WebGUI is firmly embedded in the business process,” at Brunswick New Technologies.

Adding to WebGUI’s presence in the organization is the firm foundation of trust Brunswick New Technologies has been able to establish with Plain Black. In addition to support, Brunswick New Technologies has taken advantage of virtually every professional service Plain Black offers. Jay Bahel considers Plain Black a strategic business partner, not just a service provider. Jay states that with Plain Black, “there’s no doubt that you will achieve business success. There’s just no doubt about it. They match the business process, so they yield success 100%. Guaranteed.”

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At A Glance

Brunswick New TechnologiesBrunswick New Technologies

Headquartered in Lake Forest, IL

Business, Engineering


  • Ease of use.
  • Extensive permissions capabilities.
  • Flexibility and a wide range of content applications.
  • Keep up with global company's rapid growth and evolvement.

On a daily basis, at least half of the company's 800 employees use the site's 30 applications, with nearly 95% of the employees making use of it each month.

Gray Bottom

"With Plain Black there's no doubt you will achieve business success."

Jay Bahel, former CIOBrunswick New Technologies