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Knowmad Technologies

Knowmad Technologies was founded in 2002 by William McKee, who was joined by Vice President Diona Kidd in 2006. Knowmad Technologies specializes in using open source software to provide business automation, custom programming, systems integration, content management, ecommerce and advanced functionality to their clients’ websites. Knowmad’s ability to match technology to diverse requirements is evident in their broad client base, which includes organizations representing the e-business, finance, education,information technology and member association industries.

“The active user and development community demonstrated to us that choosing WebGUI would offer our client-base abundant options and that the software has a promising life cycle.”

Search for a Solution

Knowmad required a content management system that was easy to use, provided a strong API for customization, and could support enterprise level organizations. Ideally, Knowmad hoped to find an open source solution with an established, active user community and available professional support options.

After hearing about WebGUI through word of mouth, and conducting careful research into all their options, Knowmad adopted WebGUI as their client solution. One of WebGUI’s most attractive qualities was its ability to be customized to include new features for clients at a reasonable cost. While WebGUI comes with a number of built-in features, new dynamic custom features can easily be added through its
well-designed API.

In addition, WebGUI is supported by Plain Black Corporation, which provides professional development and services related to WebGUI. Knowmad benefits from the support offered on the WebGUI community wiki and discussion board, the Plain Black staffed support board, users manuals and IRC channel.

“We expect WebGUI to continue to evolve and we will take every opportunity to participate in contributing to the software.”


Today, Knowmad provides services to numerous clients within several industries. They have made wise use of WebGUI’s API to customize solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Custom applications and features developed by Knowmad include property management tools, custom reporting systems, an account management system for a call center, and a member profile management and search tool for a member association.

In addition to custom features, Knowmad relies heavily on WebGUI’s SQLForm, SQLReport, and Collaboration System assets, as well as the asset manager. WebGUI is used to power Knowmad’s company website, and for a client’s Intranet on Windows. The client states that it has greatly improved staff productivity, and Knowmad hopes to implement its own WebGUI intranet in the near future.

Knowmad has become an active contributor to the WebGUI community, participates often on the Plain Black discussion boards and has attended two WebGUI Users Conferences. They find that the conference has been beneficial in learning WebGUI’s system architecture and for learning about how other organizations are using WebGUI. Their active presences benefits both the WebGUI community and their own clientele.

With WebGUI, Knowmad Technologies has found a content management system as diverse as their clients, and a solution they can grow with. All good things take time, and Knowmad believes the payoff in this case is well worth the effort. Knowmad expects to evolve with WebGUI, and remain active in their community participation. In WebGUI, Knowmad has delivered the scalable, flexible, and powerful enterprise level content management system their clients demand.

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At a Glance

Knowmad TechnologiesKnowmad Technologies

Charlotte, NC

Internet, Web Development

Knowmad needed an open source content management system that: 

  • was easy to use
  • provided a strong API for customization
  • was supported by a strong and active user community
  • could support enterprise level organizations
  • provided professional support options

Knowmad provides customized, dynamic website solutions to a diverse clientele. WebGUI has provided the tool needed to provide customized, feature-rich applications to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Gray Bottom

"Plain Black has done a fantastic job of building and supporting an enterprise level CMS."

William McKee, PresidentKnowmad Technologies