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ProcoliX is one of the leading business to business hosting providers in the Netherlands, providing scalable and available hosting solutions to demanding businesses. Founded in 2001, ProcoliX uses WebGUI to provide a user friendly content management system to their clients. As ProcoliX's demands have grown, so have the features provided by WebGUI, resulting in a beneficial partnership.

“Plain Black is a vibrant and dynamic company that is a pleasure to work with.”

Search for a Solution

In 2001, ProcoliX began its search for a content management system written in Perl and capable of meeting the needs of their clients. They found WebGUI listed on SourceForge, and after reviewing it found that it not only met their needs, but was written in Perl, a programming language they were familiar with.

WebGUI's ease of use also made it an attractive and practical solution. ProcoliX needed a tool that would allow clientele to quickly and easily update their own website content. WebGUI provided a simple user interface that was easy to learn.

“ If you need a partner in the web business, get Plain Black to watch your 'assets'!”


ProcoliX adopted WebGUI as a content management system with which they could build their business. With WebGUI, they have found the easy to use content management system their clients need, as well as the peace of mind that WebGUI’s versioning system provides, allowing mistakes to be reversed by rolling back a site to its previous state. In addition, ProcoliX has become an active participant in WebGUI’s development and user community, putting their knowledge of Perl to good use by creating a number of custom applications that are currently part of the WebGUI core. They have developed a business partnership with Plain Black that is beneficial to everyone through their contributions to the WebGUI community and their participation in the annual WebGUI Users Conference. ProcoliX often participates on the community discussion boards on the WebGUI community website, providing insight and help to others in the community.

Since adopting WebGUI, ProcoliX has thrived and is currently a leader in web hosting services in the Netherlands. Many previous Dutch WebGUI hosters have moved their sites to ProcoliX to take advantage of theprofessional services they offer. WebGUI, as a main building block in the company’s foundation, is now a core component of ProcoliX’s corporate structure. Koen de Jonge, President of Procolix, states, “If you need a partner in web business, get Plain Black to watch your ‘assets’!”

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Web Hosting

Find a content management system written in Perl that would meet their clients’ needs. Primarily, one that would be user-friendly so clients could update their own content.

Since 2001, ProcoliX has become a leader in the Netherlands web hosting industry.

Gray Bottom

“I would recommend Plain Black to anyone who wants their website to be an example of community pleasure while keeping the business in the center of attention.”

Koen de Jonge, President Procolix