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United States Government

The United States Government relies on WebGUI to power websites within 3 different federal departments. At this time, WebGUI is used in over 300 intranets, extranets, and public websites in 36 different languages.

The United States Government has contracts with Plain Black for virtually every service that we provide. These include commercial support, training, hosting, design, custom programming, and more.

Due to the secure nature of these sites and their content, Plain Black has not been approved to provide a full success story. However, we are in negotiations to find out if there are additional details that we can publish for the benefit of our potential customers that are viewing these success stories.

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At a Glance

United States Government

Washington DC Area



  • Establish a stable and secure platform for global web infrastructure.

  • Develop a scalable web solution that can be quickly deployed worldwide.

  • Incorporate complex user and group permissions to control access to content and administrative functions.

  • Implement a solution with a standardized, intuitive user interface to ensure ease of use for content managers.

The United States government uses WebGUI to power over 300 sites worldwide in 36 different languages. We are unable to provide full disclosure in a success story, but have several resources available for other government agencies who are interested in using WebGUI. Contact Plain Black for more information.

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