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GAMA Trade Show (GTS)

User: JT
Date: 4/17/2008 9:26 am
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I'll be at the GAMA Trade Show next week showing off WebGUI to those in attendance.  GTS is an annual show for businesses in the table top game industry to show off their new games to distributors and retailers around the US and Canada. 

You might then ask yourself, "Well then why is Plain Black exhibiting WebGUI there?" To which I'd say, "It's funny you should ask, a number of reasons actually!"

First and foremost, GAMA is one of our clients, and we love to support our clients in any way we can. Actually, GAMA runs both their national conventions using the WebGUI Event Manager. (Sidenote: I'm rewriting Event Manager from the ground up for the new WebGUI Shop that's coming out in WebGUI 7.5.)

Second, everyone that is there is representing a business of some kind. Plain Black and WebGUI service every sector of the business community, so it matters not to us what kind of businesses they are. 

Third, WebGUI has some really great advantages for the types of businesses that will be at GTS. Most game manufacturers have both forums and online stores along with their regular web site publishing needs. Obviously WebGUI serves all those needs quite well. Distributors need a flexible commerce system that can do all kinds of things, and WebGUI's new Shop will fit that bill nicely. In addition, there will be representatives of other trade shows and game fairs there that could really use something like the WebGUI Event Manager.

Fourth, many of you may not know this, but I actually own another business besides Plain Black. It's a small game company called The Game Crafter. Unfortunately in the past few years I haven't done much with it because I've been spending so much time with WebGUI, but table top games have a special place in my life, and so I'm always interested to see what the cool new games are that are coming out.

So if you're going to be in the Las Vegas area next week, you should come check us out. We'll be exhibiting on the 22nd and 23rd in the main exhibit hall, booth 409. I hope to see you there.