JT Smith is President of Plain Black Corporation, and creator of the open source content management system WebGUI. In 1999, JT began working on a project called Web Done Right. A professional in Internet technology since 1992, he recognized the need for a web application framework that married both ease of use and power. Web Done Right evolved and after a number of revisions JT launched WebGUI and its parent company, Plain Black Corporation, in 2001. Less than a decade since its inception, WebGUI has become one of the most popular content management systems available.
In the process, JT's expertise and experience have earned him recognition as an innovative and knowledgeable developer in the open source community. JT has spoken internationally at conferences and institutions including HOSC, PerlSIG, OSCOM, Harvard, YAPC, MadMongers, Chicago Perl Mongers, OSS Chicago, WUC, and WUC:Europe.
JT Smith, Plain Black Corporation, and WebGUI are currently headquartered in Madison, WI.