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Weekly Webinar

Plain Black hosts a weekly webinar which serves as a guided tour and introduction to the WebGUI Content Engine. Participants enjoy a 40 minute presentation with live demo and are welcome to stay and participate in a question and answer session afterwards.

The purpose of the webinar is to connect with new potential customers and assist them in evaluating WebGUI. We understand the CMS market is very broad and competitive so our presentation focuses on why WebGUI is different, who's using it, and how they benefit. It's a clear and simple presentation that will help you decide if WebGUI is right for your organization.

Webinars run each week and last about an hour. In addition, we also offer daily and private presentations upon request. Please register using the form below and we'll be in touch with details on how you can attend a webinar.


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Next Webinar:

May 4, 2011
2pm ET


Presented by:
Tavis Parker


Tavis has over 9 years of experience with WebGUI and specializes in design, implementation, and project management.




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