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WUC Highlights

Colin Kuskie Award

Contributor of the Year Award

Patrick Donelan won the 2010 Colin Kuskie Award in recognition of his ongoing contributions to WebGUI. This year, Patrick contributed a great deal of code to WebGUI 8, which is responsilble for a 300% performance increase.

In 2009, Patrick and business partner Andy Smith won the Contributor of the Year Award for their company's, SDH Consulting Group, contributions to WebGUI.

Patrick is an Australian open source software developer who lives in New York. He is an active WebGUI ccommunity member and contributor.

United Knowledge was awarded the 2010 Contributor of the Year award for outstanding community contributions. United Knowledge has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the Template Working Group, and is recognized for its ongoing dedication to standardizing WebGUI asset templates. Arjan Widlak and Rogier Voogt accepted the award.

United Knowledge builds websites and online applications for government and public sector organizations. They combine extensive knowledge of government policy with a work ethic focussed on quality and customer service, and believe in the benefits of open standards and open source software. United Knowledge uss open source software, like the WebGUI CMS, in almost all of their projects

WUC 2004

This is the first year of the conference.

WUC 2005

The first year in Las Vegas. 

WUC 2006

WebGUI turns 5!

WUC 2007

Our first year in Madison.

WUC 2008

Can you believe we've been doing this for five years already?

WUC 2009

It's all about size.

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