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Developing Android/Iphone Applications using WebGUI

The world of smartphone apps is expanding very fast. There are many ways to develop such an app. One way is to have a WebGUI site act as a webservice to provide the contents of the application. I will show how you can make an interactive smartphone application with WebGUI as a backend server. It will be available as a webservice and I will show how to convert the webapplication to a native Iphone application to commit to the appstore.

Presented by Joeri de Bruin.  Joeri is the owner and general director of OQAPI, formerly part of ProcoliX. He has been working with WebGUI since 2003 and has attended all the WUC's. At Oqapi we develop the technical part of websites mainly using WebGUI. If your project needs programming, we are there for you. 

I live in Den Hoorn, a very small village in the Netherlands with my wife Leonie and my daughter Elsa who was born last November. In my free time you will find me sailing on the big lakes in the Netherlands.

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