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Plack and the Post-Apache Future of WebGUI

WebGUI: the most deployed mod_perl application on the planet. 
Great, unless you want to take advantage of any of the recent advancements in web server technology such as Python's WSGI, Ruby's Rack, Perl's PSGI/Plack, CGI/FastCGI (cheap shared hosting!), perlbal and nginx (massive deployments!), Coro and AnyEvent (non-blocking/asynchronous I/O!), long-poll Comet and server push (shiny!), and.. well you get the idea. 

Thankfully, changes are afoot. Come along and find out what opportunities await in the post-Apache future, and how the way you deploy WebGUI will never be the same again.

Presented by Patrick Donelan.,  Patrick is an Australian open source software developer who lives in New York. He is an active WebGUI contributor, a past PBWG interviewee, and a director of SDH Consulting Group. This is his third WUC.

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