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Best Bang For The Buck

Attending a conference is one thing, getting your money's worth is something else entirely. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the conference.


  1. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If someone is covering a topic that's related to something you're interested in, but doesn't exactly cover what you want to know, that's a great time to throw up your hand and shout out your question.
  2. Use the rule of threes. Chances are someone paid for you to come to the conference, rather than you paying your own way. Attend 3 sessions you think are fun, attend 3 sessions you need for your job, and bring back 3 nuggets of information you can share with your boss. That ensures you have fun, get the job done, and make your boss happy so s/he'll send you again.
  3. There are actually three tracks at every WUC, the technical, the non-technical, and the hallway track. Make sure you use the hallway track. Talk to other people that may be doing something you're interested in, or something that is similar to what you are doing. Share ideas. Sit down with them for lunch, go out for drinks afterward, stand in the hallway and talk. It doesn't matter how you connect with the other people at the WUC, just make sure you do it. One of the BOFs is also related to this, so check that out. 
  4. At the end of the WUC there is a session called Stump the Chump. We do this session so that you can get any other questions answered that weren't answered during the rest of the conference. Take advantage of this forum, get the question answered.


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