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What: We'll be having a WebGUI hackathon at the WUC this year. It will be a good place to learn how to code for or template WebGUI, or to refine your skills, or even help out with new documentation. Work on your own projects, or we'll show you how you can help work on the core.

Where: Concourse Hotel, Meeting Room University AB. PlainBlack has kindly offered to sponsor the venue.

When: Wednesday, September 9th from 9am to 5pm. (The day before the WUC.)

Who: The Hackathon is open to all community members, regardless of skill/experience level. Everyone's welcome. We expect to have developers, designer, and enthusiastic WebGUI users in attendence. If you're new to the WebGUI community the Hackathon will be a great way to make some friends prior to the conference, and there will be plenty of experienced folk on hand if you have a great WebGUI RFE idea but don't know where to start. Add your name to the list if you plan on attending (it's ok to just turn up on the day too). 

  1. JT Smith
  2. perlDreamer
  3. Martin Kamerbeek
  4. William McKee
  5. Diona Kidd
  6. Joeri de Bruin
  7. Frank Dillon
  8. Doug Bell
  9. Graham Knop
  10. patspam
  11. andyiomoon
  12. Rory Zweistra
  13. Bart Jol
  14. Koen de Jonge
  15. Robert Heessels
  16. Henry Tang
  17. Bob Broen
  18. Eric Kennedy
  19. Tabitha Zipperer
  20. Tessa Harmon
  21. Diona Kidd
  22. Paul Driver

Hackathon Project Ideas

Please list your Hackathon project ideas below, along with an RFE link if relevant, and list your name next to the project(s) you're interested in. Projects can involve anything WebGUI related: bug fixing, RFEs, brainstorming, designing, testing, documenting, bazaar items.. you name it! It would be a good idea to submit RFEs prior to the Hackathon for any features that you want to commit to the WebGUI core, although as you can see above JT is going to be there so you can always try your luck at bribing him on the day.

Wiki Refactoring

Description: Edit and reorganise the wiki.

RFE:N/A but I think #10364 is important for this process

Who: patspam, knowmad


Image Hacking

Description: Spicing up WebGUI with fresh icons, images and other cool things, as well as assets on-demand for hackathon projects.


Who: andyiomoon,




Description: WebGUI plugin for Padre (current status)


Who: patspam,


Blog Asset

Description: Write a Blog Asset for WebGUI.


Who: spec writing: rizen


Language options

Description: Implement internationalisation options


Who: BartJol


Template group

Description: we'll discuss the project so far and work on the templates.

Who: Rory, Rogier, Tabitha, Tessa, Diona

Keywords: bof hackathon

Right curve

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