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How do 'you' use WebGUI

We would like to have a little get together where people come and talk about how they use WebGUI within their organization.  Talk a little about some of the key features for you and as well as a little about your organization.  Doesn't have to be a big long presentation, just spend a few minutes.

We'll also faciliate discussion on WebGUI's ease of use. We'll explain upcoming enhancements to the UI in the 7.5 release and also brainstorm on specific ease of use issues that you're currently facing. This is the Making WebGUI Easier to Use BOF.

Where: Secondary Presentation Room (Non-Technical Track)

When: Wednesday night at 7pm

Who: Everyone is invited. Add your name to the list.

  1. Arjian Widlak
  2. Jamie Vrbsky
  3. JT Smith
  4. Tavis Parker
  5. William McKee



Keywords: bof users

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