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Who Are You

These are the people that are coming to the WebGUI Users Conference who have decided to tell you a little about themselves.

  • Kristi McCombs: Kristi will be conducting a WebGUI Workshop on content management in WebGUI.
  • Ryan McCombs: self-proclaimed WebGUI roadie, Ryan presents the opening and closing plenaries at each year's WUC.
  • JT Smith
  • Steve Swanson: Steve will be conducting a workshop on designing in WebGUI.
  • Jamie Vrbsky: Jamie will be presenting on the new Gallery and using shortcut overrides.
  • Graham Knop:  Graham is a WebGUI padawan.  He will be presenting on troubleshooting in WebGUI and site security.
  • Tavis Parker: Tavis is a WUC Veteran and has attended all 6 conferences. This year, he'll be presenting "Survey 2.0".
  • Martin Kamerbeek has been hacking on WebGUI for the last six years, and earns a living working for Oqapi. He will be talking about the Graphing plugins.
  • Arjan Widlak is the General Director at United Knowledge, a WebGUI service provider in the Netherlands specializing in the public sector. He creates simulation games and community sites for government agencies since seven years. United Knowledge is nominated for best government communications project, with a WebGUI project, for 2007 in the Netherlands and in the run for best eGovernment project in European Union in 2007, also with a WebGUI project.
  • Koen de Jonge, Owner and general director of ProcoliX a Dutch company involved with WebGUI since 2001, currently focussed on managed hosting. Proud father of Emma.
  • Bart Jol, employee of ProcoliX, started there in 2002 with translating WebGUI into Dutch. Nowadays his duties are to help people using WebGUI, making or adjusting sites and give courses on the daily use of WebGUI. He will discuss internationalization in WebGUI.
  • Joeri de Bruin, Owner and general director of Oqapi, formerly part of ProcoliX. He will explain every feature of the magnificent SQLReport.
  • William McKee, partner of Knowmad Technologies, has been writing Perl for 10 years. He is presenting on WebGUI Search.
  • Colin Kuskie, aka perlDreamer aka colink.  Itinerant WebGUI test writer, bug fixer, documenter and hacker.
  • Diona Kidd, a partner of Knowmad Technologies. WebGUI test writer, bug reporter and perl/html/css hacker.
  • Tiffany Patterson, President of Elite Designs, Partner at Elite Internet Marketing.  WebGUI trainer, developer, search engine expert, usability expert, speaker, and overall ENTHUSIAST. Tiffany will be presenting on the new WebGUI Shop.
  • Rory Zweistra, Employee of Oqapi. Started using WebGUI in 2007. Started with templating and nowadays trying to write WebGUI plug-ins 
  • Patrick Donelan, Chief Technical Director, SDH Consulting Group, Pty. Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia. Responsible for the WebGUI Flux branch. Sat on a plane for a long time to be here :)
  • Susan Baur, System Administrator, CSU Center for Distributed Learning. Looking forward to hearing all about Survey 2.0 and Thingy
  • Mary D Hoerr Freelancer, content management systems, php, databases, German, Russian, perl wannabe. Click my name for a demo of using the OpenLayers javascript library to show a map with four layers -- one layer from a tab delimited file of data connected to lat and long; two layers using USGS shape files; one layer using images from a NASA map server.

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