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The following are public Wifi hotspots near the conference:

WUC - Free
As always, we'll be offering free Wifi access in the conference rooms.

Concourse Hotel - Free
There is free Wifi available in all the overnight rooms. The Concourse is the hotel where we are holding the conference this year.

Casa de Lara - Free - 341 State Street
Good mexican food, and free wifi!

Madison Public Library - Free - 201 W. Mifflin St.
Only 3 blocks from the hotel, with free wifi, and a couple dozen computers if you don't have one with you. And no, you don't need a library card to use the internet access there.

Barriques - Free - 127 W Washington Ave
Great coffee shop, with free wifi and a couple of free computers you can use to browse the net if you don't have a laptop.

BW3's - Pay Per Use -  529 State Street
National hot wings chain.

Starbucks - Pay Per Use -   1 E Main St and 661 State Street
If you're a coffee and wifi fan you'll be glad to know that there are two starbucks within a few blocks of the hotel. Both have wifi and your favorite chain brand coffee.

MadCityBroadband - Pay Per Use
Downtown Madison has a  broadband service called "MadCityBroadband" that can be accessed on pay-per-day or pay-per-month basis. It covers the entire downtown area and the airport.



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