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  • BOFs
    BOFs (Birds of a Feather Sessions) are also known as the hallway track. This is where you get to set up your own meetings at the conference. Here are the BOFs that are currently scheduled.
  • hackathon
    What: We'll be having a WebGUI hackathon at the WUC this year. It will be a good place to learn how to code for or template WebGUI, or to refine your skills, or even help out with new documentation. Work on your own projects, or we'll show you how you can help work on the core.
  • How do 'you' use WebGUI
    We would like to have a little get together where people come and talk about how they use WebGUI within their organization.  Talk a little about some of the key features for you and as well as a little about your organization.  Doesn't have to be a big long presentation, just spend a few minutes.
  • JT Smith
    jt.jpgI'm the creator of WebGUI, and I'll be giving several talks at the WUC.
  • Making WebGUI Easier To Use
    On Wednesday night we'll have a discussion for all those interested in making WebGUI easier to use. JT will share some of what's coming in 7.5 and beyond, and you can provide your insights as to what is easier.
  • OpenID in WebGUI
    The OpenID BOF will be for people interested in getting OpenID authentication in WebGUI. dannymk has already got us 90% of the way there w/ his contributed auth module. In this BOF, we'll be working w/ Plain Black staff to get the module the rest of the way there and ready for inclusion in WebGUI core.
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