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Employment At Plain Black

Employment At Plain Black

We're always looking for quality individuals to round out our staff. The list below shows the positions we're actively seeking, but even if you don't fit that bill feel free to send your resume to jobs at plainblack dot com. We'll add you to our list when a job does become available that meets your skillset.



When we have positions available, we post them to these sites. So have a look there.

Why Work At Plain Black?

Working at Plain Black is a challenging, fun, and rewarding experience. The first few months can be a little rough for new people as we work at a pace that most are not accustomed to, but once you get past that, we think you'll never want to work anywhere else again. 

The Environment

We are a very laid back group. We use casual language, wear casual clothes, and everybody gets along. Our attitude is that it's your work that counts, not how good you look in a suit and tie. The entire staff gets together (from all over the country) for a few days at least twice a year to hang out, eat some food, and play some games. If you can't have fun working, then you're in the wrong job.

The Benefits

We have some of the best benefits offered by any small company in the United States. For that matter, we beat many of the big companies' benefits programs.

We provide 100% medical coverage for our full time employees (we pay your premiums and your deductibles) in most cases. Everyone currently on staff is 100% paid for.

We use a flexible Paid Time Off (PTO) system rather than a traditional limited vacation policy. This means if you're sick, then take the time off to get better. Need a day off? Take it. Want to go on an extended trip? Let us know in advance and you can go.

All full time employees are automatically enrolled in our profit sharing program after three months. This can earn you an extra 5% - 25% on top of your salary.

Beyond raises we provide an automatic cost of living increase for all full time employees every year. This helps balance inflation. 

There are more, but you get the gist. 

The Perks

Plain Black offers a lot of little extras that you just don't see with most employers.

Have you ever wished you could work out in the morning, but didn't want to get up before the sun does so you can do it before work? What about being done with work by the time your kids get home from school? Are you a night owl? We don't care when you work as long as you're getting your work done and are available for any meetings you're scheduled for. For that matter, we don't care where you work. As long as you have a good internet connection from the beach, feel free to work from Cancun and have a working vacation.

Every full time employee is issued a new high end MacBook Pro every three years.

Everyone at Plain Black telecommutes. We've set up our entire corporate infrastructure to accommodate this. This means that your commute drops from 30 minutes to 30 feet. What would you do with an extra hour every day? Not to mention the extra money you'll have since you won't be paying high gasoline prices to commute.

Want to set up a personal or club web site? Plain Black will host it for you for free as long as you're an employee.

And there's even more to learn about once you come on board. 

Forward Acting

We're constantly trying to better the company and ourselves. And we don't just think about it, we act on these ideas. We're always looking for new ideas, and we look to our employees for many of those ideas. So if you want to work somewhere that you can actually help shape the future Plain Black is a great place to be.

One of the things we do in this light is an incentive program affectionately called "The Christmas Bonus" by our employees. Every time someone has a good idea that gets implemented, we throw $100 into a community pool. At the end of the year we divide that money amongst everyone. It usually gives each employee $200-$300 extra at the end of the year.

Another way we are forward acting is our Green Employee Incentive Program. We actually pay our employees to be good stewards of the environment. We give them money for purchasing fuel efficient cars, using mass transit, conserving energy, and buying green power for their homes. The more you do for the environment, the more you get.