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Professional WebGUI Hosting

Plain Black's professionally trained WebGUI experts can handle the task of hosting your web site, intranet, or extranet with ease. We'll set it up right, tune it to keep it moving fast, and do it all for a reasonable price, with great customer care.

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What size Hosting?

So what size is right for you? Well that depends on a lot of things, including size and complexity of your pages, your site's traffic patterns, whether or not your typical users will be logged in or just visiting, and many other things.

If you're going to be running custom plugins for WebGUI then you'll need to get a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server. Otherwise our shared hosting is probably right for you.

If you're purchasing a VPS or a dedicated server then you may want to drop a line to before you purchase to make sure you get the size that's right for you. As a general rule of thumb, the MiniVPS is going to be good only for the smallest of sites with only a few users, so a small intranet would be perfect. The other VPS servers will be fine for most types of sites. If you're running a site that's complex, you have many sites to run on the same server, or your site gets a million page views per month or more, then you should look in to our Dedicated Super Server.