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Rockstar Support


Being a Rockstar is about getting it the way you want it. Plain Black can work with you to develop a custom package that includes exactly what you want. Due to our massive Rockstar volume discounts, the more you purchase, the less it will cost. Become a Rockstar!

Being a Rockstar is about getting the service you want, when you want it, and how you want it. The list of options below is a sample of the types of services you can include in your package. Plain Black will work with you to develop a custom support package to provide the highest level of service, all at amazing savings. If you are looking for an introduction to Rockstar Support, see the Rockstar Beginner Package. The beginner package is a simpler Rockstar Support package that allows you to see what becoming a Rockstar is all about before moving up to the next level of full customization.

Available Services

  • 24/7 priority phone support with a one hour turn around time.
  • 24/7 web / email support with a 24 hour turn around time.
  • Set number of hours of service per month, which may be used in system administration, programming, design, support or training.
  • Discounted rate on all work beyond the set number of hours included on this package.
  • On site training.
  • Tickets to the annual WebGUI User’s Conference.
  • Multiple points of contact that can request support and services from Plain Black.
  • WebGUI Super Server Hosting
  • Dev/QA servers
  • Offsite backups for the servers.
  • Next day priority bug fixes.
  • You’ll also receive advanced notice of, and discounts on, new services as they become available.
  • This is the closest relationship you can have to Plain Black, and we’ll treat you like a Rockstar.

Rockstar Beginner Package

The Rockstar Beginner Package is for companies who need support on a monthly basis, and also need Plain Black to do some extra work, such as design or development.

With the Rockstar Beginner Package you get:

  • Free black and white copies of the WebGUI Designers Guide, WebGUI Administrators Guide, and WebGUI Content Managers Guide
  • Access to the Plain Black staff-monitored support board
  • 10 hours of Support time per month to be used for:
    • site login
    • server login
    • WebGUI Installation
    • WebGUI Upgrades
    • Performance Tuning
    • Priority Bug Fixes
  • Telephone number for instant access to a member of the Plain Black support staff
  • Support from 9am-5pm GMT
  • 5 anytime hours to be used for Design, Development, Training or Server Administration
  • The closest relationship you can have with Plain Black

This is a 1 year support agreement billed at $850 per month. ($10,200/year)


Customized Rockstar Package

Plain Black is committed to providing you a Rockstar Package tailored to fit your needs. In order to achieve the best results for your company, we would like to work one on one with you. To begin building your customized Rockstar Support package, contact Plain Black today!