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Profits from the sales of this merchandise go directly to fund new features in WebGUI. 

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He may be lovable and purple, but this guy's for the grown-ups. Now you can have your very own Gooey to keep you company while you work on your WebGUI site!

WebGUI T-Shirts

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Every year we create cool new T-shirts for the WebGUI community. We have many designs at this point, but we never know what we're going to have in stock of any given type. As we give them away at trade shows, or as they sell out through the shop new designs become available. So request your size and we'll give you the coolest WebGUI shirt ever made!

Plain Black Pens (12ct)

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Spread the word about WebGUI with these sleek and stylish pens. Perfect for passing along to a dozen coworkers or friends. Each pen is black with gold trim and displays the Plain Black logo